How Caple Churchyard

How Caple is a beautiful place; a green sanctuary abounding with plantlife and awe-inspiring scenery.

Hilda Lee from How Caple Court, has a vision that the churchyard should reflect this and has inspired a group of residents to meet each Friday morning to carry out gardening work throughout the churchyard and especially around the gravestones. The mission is to create a beautiful garden of remembrance where visitors can sit and be thoughtful, visit the graves and to simply be at peace with the surroundings.

Work is also being carried out on the grave stones themselves, bringing ancient indecipherable acknowledgements back to life, and information from the graves is been collated for research purposes.

Below is a list of all the graves in How Caple Churchyard.

Gravestones in How Caple Churchyard

To search for a name or part of a name on a gravestone, press the ‘ctrl’ key and the letter ‘f’ at the same time to bring up a search box. Enter the name you are searching in the box and you will see a list of possibilities.

The alphabeticised sections below refer to the the surname that appears on the gravestone.

The numbers next to the name refer to the numbering system used on the on the map of the churchyard. (To be added)

Gravestones A-H

Allen (55) - Rupert Allen, (Indecipherable)

Am….. (22) - Elizabeth, wife of George Am……(Indecipherable)

Baker (20) - John Norcrave Baker, Harriet Emma Baker

Berwick (60a) - Lynne Berwick

Bev….. (25) - Bev…. (Indecipherable)

(Hardy-) Bishop (69) - Arthur Hardy-Bishop, Lily Hardy-Bishop

(Hardy-) Bishop (70) - Margaret Elizabeth Hardy-Bishop

Boyd (40) - Frederick Charles Boyd BA Oxon

Clissold (27) - Maria Clissold

Colburn (4) - Percy Garfield Colburn, George Colburn, Jane Colburn, Florence Colburn, Mary Jane Colburn

Dalley (63) - Richard Dalley

Dalley (64) - Thomas Dalley, Ann Dalley

Davies (37) - Violet M. Davies, Albert Davies

Davies (57) - 3981 Private F. Davies

Earle (50) - Margaret Grey Earle

Eddles (68) - Clara Irene Eddles

Edwards (19a) - John Edwards

[Eliza] (47) - Eliza …..lames (Indecipherable)

Fisher (77) - James Fisher

George (45) - Charles Arthur George, Dorothy May George

(Grey) Earle (50) - Margaret Grey Earle

Gwillim (73) - James Gwillim, Mary Gwillim (wife), Mary Gwillim (daughter)

Hall (74) - Ann Hall

Hall (75) - John Hall

Hames (15) - Joshua Hames

Hardy-Bishop (69) - Arthur Hardy-Bishop, Lily Hardy-Bishop

Hardy-Bishop (70) - Margaret Elizabeth Hardy-Bishop

Harris (48) - William Harris, Elizabeth Harris

Harvey (53) - Alexander Harvey, Mary Orr Harvey

Hogben (59) - W.H.E.Hogben, Leah Hogben

Hogben (59a) - Violet Hogben

Hooper (30) - Charles Younger Hooper

Howard (17) - James Howard

Hull (54) - Frederick George Hull

Gravestones I-P

Indecipherable (18, 22, 25, 41, 47, 55, 61, 72, 74a, 78, 79, 81, 83)

Jackson (42) - Joseph Jackson, Mary Jackson

(Nee) Kee (12) - Dulcie Mearns Round (nee Kee), John Reginald Round

Lee (10) - Peter Lennox Lee

Lee (55a) - David James Lee

Lee (71) - Roger Malcolm Lee, Henrietta Burleigh Lee, Lennox Bertram Lee, Edith Gertrude Lee

Little (43) - Lt Colonel Cecil Hunter Little, DSO, MBE, Dorothea Katharine Little

Luckett (5) - Cecily Luckett, Charles Luckett

Luckett (8) - Emily Luckett

Lyall (29) - William Lyall

Markham (66) - Beryl E. Markham

Matthews (3) - Mary Matthews

Mirylees (65) - James Smith, Elizabeth Mary Ellinor (nee Riddell) Mirylees, Jaqueline Frances Stewart (Mirylees?), Andrew Gavin Mirylees

(Murray) Vaughan (14) - Ellen Murray Vaughan

Nash (6) - Richard Nash, Mary Ann Nash

Norman (13) - Ann Norman, George Norman

Oakley (35) - Samuel Oakley

(Orr) Harvey (53) - Alexander Harvey, Mary Orr Harvey

(nee) Owen (39) - Albert Watkins, Lucy Charlotte Watkins (nee Owen)

Pain (19) - Ellen Pain

Parsons (62) - Mary Parsons

(Patterson) Paulin (38) - George Patterson Paulin MA

Paulin (38) - George Patterson Paulin MA

Phillips (49) - Thomas Phillips Mary Ann Phillips

Powell (2) - Catharine Powell, William Powell, John Powell, Perina Powell,

Powell (16) - Eleanor Powell

Price (21) - Caroline Price

Prosser (31) - George Prosser

Gravestones Q-Z

Robarts (85) - Elinor Robarts

Ravinhill (82) - George Ravinhill

Ross (12a) - Michael Ross

Round (12) - Dulcie Mearns Round (nee Kee), John Reginald Round

Sadler (58) - Frederick Sadler, Rose Jane Sadler

Sexty (28) - John Henry Sexty, Charles William Sexty, Elizabeth Mary Sexty, Richard Sexty

Sheward (60) - Richard Sheward

Slade (1) - Mary Slade, Catherine Slade, Thomas Slade

Smith (65) - James Smith, Elizabeth Mary Ellinor (nee Riddell) Mirylees, Jaqueline Frances Stewart (Mirylees?), Andrew Gavin Mirylees

Stanley (11) - Bernard Stanley

(Stewart) Mirylees (65) - James Smith, Elizabeth Mary Ellinor (nee Riddell) Mirylees, Jaqueline Frances Stewart (Mirylees?), Andrew Gavin Mirylees

Stillingfleet (23) - Stillingfleet (mostly indecipherable)

Stillingfleet (24) - Rev. Edward Stillingfleet

Tame (46) - Ivy Muriel Tame

Taylor (52) - Joseph Taylor

Thompson (57a) - Major William Vernon Henry Thompson

Thompson (67) - Hugh Cecil Thompson M.A.

Trigg (56) - ElizabethTrigg

Trupp (7) - Joseph Trupp, (2 indecipherable), John Trupp

Unmarked (1a, 36, 20a, 64a)

Vaughan (14) - Ellen Murray Vaughan

Vaughan (51) - Alfred Vaughan

Vobes (79) - Vobes (Indecipherable)

Vobes (80) - Thomas Vobes, John Vobes

Watkins (39) - Albert Watkins, Lucy Charlotte Watkins (nee Owen)

Watkins (44) - Henry Watkins, Nora May Watkins

Wattis (78) - Wattis (Indecipherable)

Williams (26) - Marion Eliza Williams

Williams (86) - Playfair Williams

Winter (9) - Alice Winter

Winter (76) - Donald Winter

(Younger) Hooper (30) - Charles Younger Hooper

Zeno-Zenkovich (75a) - Reservation marker for Biddy Zeno-Zenkovich (now buried in Italy)

Sir William Gregory

GREGORY, Sir WILLIAM (1624-1696), judge, was the second and only surviving son of the Rev. Robert Gregory, vicar of Fownhope and rector of Sutton St. Nicholas, Herefordshire, by his wife Anne, daughter of John Harvey of Broadstone, Gloucestershire. He was born 1 March 1624, and was educated at Hereford Cathedral school. There appears to be no foundation for the statement that he became a member of All Souls' College, Oxford, and was elected a fellow as his father had been before him. He entered the society of Gray's Inn in 1640, and in 1650 was called to the bar. He joined the Oxford circuit, on which, as at Westminster, he soon obtained an extensive practice. He acquired several lucrative stewardships of manors in his native county, became recorder of Gloucester in 1672, and in the following year was elected a bencher of Gray's Inn. In 1677 he was made serjeant-at-law, and at a by-election in 1678 he was returned member of parliament for Weobly, Herefordshire. He was re-elected to the new parliament of 1679, and, after the king had three times refused to confirm the election of Edward Seymour as speaker, was proposed for that office by Lord Russell. Gregory begged the house to select a more experienced member, but when led to the chair by his proposer and seconder offered no resistance. As speaker he is stated to have been firm, temperate, and impartial, but he held the post for a few months only, as on the death of Sir Timothy Littleton in April 1679 he was appointed to his place as a baron of the exchequer, and was knighted. The trial of Sir Miles Stapleton for high treason took place before Gregory and Sir William Dolben [q.v.] in 1681. In Michaelmas term 1685 Gregory was discharged from his office for giving a judgement against the king's dispensing power, and in the next year was removed by royal mandate from his recordership. He was returned to the city of Hereford as a member of the convention of 1689, but gave up his seat on being appointed a judge of the king's bench. As a judge he was distinguished for his firmness and integrity. In his later years he was greatly afflicted with stone, which in the winter of 1694 confined him to his room for three months. He died in London 28 May 1696, and was buried in the parish church of his manor of How Capel, Herefordshire. Gregory had purchased this manor in 1677 and built the southern transept of the church, know as the Gregory Chapel, as a burying-place for himself and his family. He also bought the manor and advowson of Solers Hope, and the manor of Fownhope, but he resided chiefly in London. Besides largely rebuilding the church at How Capel, he gave a garden in Bowsey Lane, Hereford, for the benefit of the Lazarus Hospital. In 1653 Gregory became the third husband of Katharine Smith, by whom he was father of two children: James who married Elizabeth Rodd and died in 1691, and Katharine, who died in infancy. His descendants in the male line failed in 1789..

Henrietta Bertramlee

Mary Ann Nash

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