The name shall be Friends of How Caple Church St Andrew and St Mary, hereafter called “The Friends of How Caple Church” or “FHCC“.


To enable a wider group of supporters to share in the caring for our beautiful historic church, to supplement available resources for the maintenance of its fabric and to make sure the building is restored and preserved for posterity. We will invite, promote and receive donations and contributions in pursuit of these aims and ensure fund raising is carried out in agreement with the ethos of the Church.


Membership of Friends of How Caple Church (FHCC) shall be open to anyone interested with no geographical restrictions. Membership annual donations to enrol will be determined by the committee. To become a member of The Friends of How Caple Church (FHCC) a Membership Standing Order Form will need to be completed and sent to the FHCC, How Caple Court, HR1 4SX. GDPR principles will be adhered to ensure that the personal details and email addresses of all members are kept private. Members of FHCC will be notified of all How Caple Church social and Church events for members, their family and friends. All member donations will go directly into the FHCC bank account. Gift Aid details will also be detailed.


Legacy donations can be arranged by annual donations or through a will. Details can be provided to chosen Solicitors. Annual Membership Donations to the FHCC can also be bought as a gift/present.


The affairs of Friends of How Caple Church shall be managed by a Committee of no more than 5 members as appointed at the Annual Meeting. The quorum will consist of a minimum of 3 committee members. The members can serve for 3 years and can thereafter be re-elected. The committee shall include a Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer. It will meet at least 3 times a year and include the AGM and meeting with the PCC to consider possible fund raising activities and any other matters which might further the aims of the FHCC. Three authorised signatories will be available for banking matters. Should there be a vacancy or a desire to increase the committee membership during the year, this may be done at the discretion of the committee, providing the member is also a member of The Friends of How Caple Church. The committee shall have the right to terminate membership of any member for a good and sufficient reason.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held within three months of the end of the financial year of the Friends of How Caple Church. The PCC and Church Wardens shall be invited to attend. The purpose of the AGM is to appoint the committee for the forthcoming 3 years, receive and approve the audited accounts for the previous year, appoint or re-appoint the auditors for the following year, to consider recommendations regarding the use of funds held and to discuss any forthcoming events and any other matters arising.


A separate bank account has been opened in the Name of Friends of How Caple Church, the FHCC. This will be controlled by any three signatories, drawn from the members of the committee, all 3 of whom are authorised to act and sign cheques on behalf of the FHCC. The funds of FHCC shall be applied only for its purpose. No payment may be made to any member except for reasonable and proper out of pocket expenses. Release of funds from The Friend’s account must be authorised within the Friends committee by 2 members. Communication regarding such matters will be in email format.


No alterations or additions to this constitution shall be made without the authorisation and agreement of the Committee. Notice of 21 days of the proposed amendments/alterations shall be given at its AGM or EGM. No amendment shall be made which would have the effect of making the charity cease to be a charity at law.


The FHCC may be dissolved by a resolution passed by the Committee at an EGM. Notice of 21 days shall be given to all members. In the event of The FHCC being wound up, all monies and all other assets shall be transferred to the How Caple Parochial Church Council.

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